Dustin Rothe


Room Study

Mission Statement

To ensure students voices are heard, interests are peaked, and they are given the hope and believe to work to fulfill their dreams

Educational Background

11 years 8th grade social studies at Bryan Middle School, this is my second year in the role of a counselor at Chandler View Elementary

Fun Fact

I love being immature - I get excited about the little things in life

Role Model/Superhero

My Grandfather - Born in South Omaha, dropped out of high school at 17 from Omaha South to fight in WWII.  He was a silent leader with a good heart, deep faith and love for his family.

Fictional character

Roy Hobbs (the natural)

Harry Potter

When I’m not at school I’m usually

Fishing, Camping or outdoors, now with the little one usually entertaining her

Favorite Books

Harry Potter (all of them)

Manhunt - The 12 Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer

The Giving Tree

On Solid Ground

The Dangerous Book for Boys

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