Molly Gurnicz


Room Art


Mission Statement

Giving students opportunities to express themselves, practice new skills, and be confident making artistic choices

Educational Background

University of Iowa

Fun Fact

I went to India twice in college.

Role Model/Superhero

Super Grover...he makes mistakes but keeps trying!

Fictional character

Heroines in Hayao Miyazaki movies

When I’m not at school I’m usually

With my kids, or reading books

Favorite Books

I read short story collections.

Cool Web Sites

Content Focus / Themes

Discover . . . . art is all around us.

First Grade
Imagine . . . . art can tell us about our lives.

Second Grade
Explore . . . . art forms all around the world.

Third Grade
Investigate . . . . art that brings communities together.

Fourth Grade
Understand . . . . art is a visual language.

Fifth Grade
Analyze . . . . art that reflects influence.

Sixth Grade
Interpret . . . . art reflects our common humanity throughout time.