All About 3rd Grade

This Quarters Learning Objectives

Look what we are learning in Third Grade...


Solve mathematical problems using three and four digit numbers for addition and subtraction using trading.

Use linear measurement and demonstrate telling time.

Solve simple money transactions.

Reading/Language Arts:  

Read and understand fiction and nonfiction material by using reading strategies, such as recalling what we already know about the topic and asking questions.

Apply the rules of grammar, usage, punctuation, paragraphing, and spelling when writing.

Use the writing process (pre-write, write, revise/edit, rewrite, publish) to communicate.

Identify significant contributions minorities have made to the community.

Social Studies - Focus Omaha and Cities: 

Explore key events,people, and their cultural contributions in Omaha history.


Examine problems using scientific inquiry.

Observe and describe changes in sound and light.


Our Teachers

Mrs. Ashby
Mrs. Kipple

Miss Schorle

Mrs. Young

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