Homework Hints

For Homework -
  1. Choose a quiet place.
  2. Set aside at least 30 minutes each night.
  3. You should have homework every night! That includes silent reading and spelling words.

This Quarter's Learning Objectives

Look what we're learning in Sixth Grade...


Use data analysis, probability, and statistics to make predictions and decisions.

Reading/Language Arts:

Read grade-level materials and use a variety of strategies to develop vocabulary.

Self-select, independently read, and comprehend fiction and nonfiction materials, as well as poetry.

Present information orally demonstrating consideration of audience and purpose.

Apply the rules of grammar, usage, punctuation, paragraphing, and spelling in various forms of writing.

Use the writing process to communicate.

Produce a descriptive writing sample on demand.

Use note taking, outlining and summarizing strategies to record and present information.

Apply listening skills for a variety of purposes.

Participate and contribute to group discussion to acquire new knowledge.

Recognize and compare people from varied backgrounds and cultures.


Examine problems using scientific inquiry.

Social Studies - Focus Western Hemisphere:  Canda, Latin America, Australia, and Western Europe

Describe the elements of culture and their influence in Australia and Canada.


Upcoming Events

Math CRT #6-06
Graphing and Data

Reading CRT #6-11
Outlining and Summarizing

Cool Links

Practice locating places around
the world.

Make a spelling wordsearch
or word scramble.