All About 2nd Grade

Spectaculor 2nd Graders!

Homework Hints

Homework is given every Friday and due the following Thursday, unless there is a short week. Homework packets include a list of the week's spelling words which are to be written 3 times each, a grammar worksheet, and a math worksheet. Students are to complete all worksheets before turning the entire packet in.

This Quarter's Learning Objectives


In Math, our second graders are reviewing 2-digit & 3-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping. We are still working on counting money to $1.00 and telling before & after the hour. We will have our CRT on time, money, and measurement in February.



In Science, we have just finished our unit on States of Matter. We are now learning about Plants and Animals.


Our theme for this unit in Reading is "Figure It Out." However, we are really preparing for skills that will be assessed in our upcoming CAT test.

Social Studies:

In Social Studies we are discussing citizenship and how people work together in a community. Students will learn how neighborhoods are all different, but that every jpb plays an important role.

We will also be learning about differnent cultures throught the school year.


Our students will continue to develop their skills in writing various personal narratives. Students are working on including a beginning, middle, and end to their stories, following a model that all four 2nd grade classes are using.

Students will also be writing friendly letters, focusing on the elements that letters include.

We will also be writing some persuasive writings this month.

Our Teachers

Mrs. Bahnsen
Mrs. Cook

Mrs. Scheideler
Mr. Nowak

Upcoming Events


California Achiement Testing (CAT) Testing: March 17 - 28 Student attendance is IMPERATIVE!

Skating Party at Skate City: Thursday, March 6 at 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Parent-Teacher Conferences: Monday, March 24th; Tuesday, March 25th; & Thursday, March 27th

No School: Thursday & Friday, March 27th & 28th

Talent Show Tryouts: March 30th - April 4th 8:30 AM & 3:45

Spirit Day Fridays: Wear blue & gold