All About 1st Grade

Busy Bees in First Grade

We are very busy in first grade! 

We are learning many reading, phonics and writing skills!  In phonics we are studying silent e words and blends.  In reading, we are reading a variety of non-fiction and fiction text.  We are focusing on who-what-where.  We are practicing writing using a 4 square.  This four square helps us to stay with the same idea and organize our thoughts.  We still are focusing on correct sentence form. 

We are learning many things in math.  We are currently studying numbers to 100 and number patterns.  We are also practicing our math facts.

Homework Hints

1.  Spelling tests are on the last day of the week.  Be sure to study your spelling list every week.

2.  Please practice your math facts daily.  Students need to master addition and subtraction.

3.  Remember to have your child reading everyday.  Each month your child can earn a free personal pan pizza when they have met that month's reading goal!

This Quarter's Learning Objectives

Look what we are learning in First Grade...


We are solving one-digit addition and subtraction problems.

Learning to identify fractional parts like 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4 of a tasty treat is great!

Measuring and comparing the size and weight of objects is fun.

Language Arts:

We are learning how to read.  We can divide words into segments and blend sounds.  Sometimes we create new words by changing sounds.

We practice reading sight words, like: where, that, and said, so that we can read fluently.

We learn to use strategies to help us understand what we have read.  Looking at the pictures really helps.  Retelling the story and remembering the events in order takes practice.

We can write all the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet from memory.  We can write our whole names, too!

We can write lists, stories, or messages.  We have to remember to put a space between each word.

We're exploring the likenesses and differences of various cultures and customs. 

Social Studies - Focus School and Family Communities:

Following school and family rules is important.

Making choices and accepting responsibility for actions can be a lot of work.


Examining problems using scientific inquiry.


Our Teachers

Mrs. Ahlers
Mrs. Calabro
Mrs. Jindra
Mrs. Selby

Upcoming Events

We have CRT's coming soon in February!

1.  CRT for patterns and sorting

2.  CRT for graphing