All About 5th Grade

 This quarter in math we will be working on place value and number sense. We will focus on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing whole numbers, decimals and fractions.  Then we will finish up with geometry and graphing.

 In writing fifth graders focus on descriptive writing. Our writing will expand on what topics look, sound, feel, smell, and taste like. We are also learning how to write in different genres.

 In Social Studies we are learning about the United States.  We have been learning about explorers and the early colonies of the Americas.  We will finish with the most exciting part of all, the Revolutionary War and our Constitution.

In Science we are working on our biology unit.  We study ecosystems, food chains, and cycles of the Earth.

In Reading we will finish Unit 5 and begin Unit 6.  The themes are "Making a Difference" and "Feats of Daring."  Our key skills will be:

author's purpose and perspective

literary devices


fact and opinion

Homework Hints

   Do you have internet access at home?  Try  It has a nice variety of fun activites in every subject we cover. Play a fun fraction matching game here: These games start with identifying a fraction to match its picture, to comparing equal fractions,  addition, subtraction and more!  The science games include a fun food chain game.  You can also challenge your knowledge of the United States by trying the Place the State game.  Give it a try and see how you do!

This Quarter's Learning Objectives


Our Teachers

Miss Charland
Mrs. Matz

Mrs. Manarick

Mrs. Phillips


Welcome, Spring!!  We hope all of our students have a wonderful and restful spring break.  When we return we will start our state testing.  The first week of April will be the state science test.  The second week will be language arts, and the third week will be mathematics.  We look forward to the challenge!