Karen Ashby

2nd Grade Teacher

Room 7

Mission Statement

My goal, as a teacher, is to provide a safe and fun learning environment to help keep the light on for learning.  This is accomplished by helping each student to feel special and a vital part of the classroom, to encourage learning new concepts.   

Educational Background

Bachelor of Science Education from University of Nebraska at Omaha

Masters from Peru State in Curriculm and Instruction

Fun Fact

I started college at 17, but it only took 29 years for me to finish my four year degree. 

(After two years, I took 12 years off, when I became pregnant with our first child, and I went back on a very part-time basis, graduating at 46)

Role Model/Superhero

Superman.  I grew up watching him on t.v., all the time.  Back then, I was really impressed how he seemed like an ordinary man turned to super hero, when needed.  As they say, he always seemed to "save the day"!

Fictional character

Amelia Bedilia


Laura Ingalls Wilder (debatable whether fiction or non fiction! She is a bit of both!)

When I’m not at school I’m usually

I love spending time with my family or friends. I often do Sudoku, Crossword Puzzles, watch Cubs games or Nebraska football.  I also like to learn about historical places and people's lives.  I attend church. 

Favorite Books

ABC/123 Flip Book

First Day Jitters

Mistakes that Worked

A Fine Fine School

Amelia Bedilia

The Bible

Heaven is for Real