Our staff can be contacted in a number of ways - email, voice mail or using the general main office phone number.

Se puede contactar a nuestro Personal via correo electrónico, correo de voz ó al numero de la oficina central.

Primary & Intermediate Teachers

Teacher's Name Grade Level Email Address
   Joni Stane Kindergarten  joni.stane@ops.org
   Sarah McIntosh Kindergarten  sarah.mcintosh@ops.org
   Megan Schmidt
Kindergarten megan.schmidt@ops.org
Kindergarten  dani.finn@ops.org
   Wendy Ahlers 1st  wendy.ahlers@ops.org
   Angie Jindra 1st  angela.jindra@ops.org
   Keri Selby 1st  Kerri.selby@ops.org
   Heather Calabro 1st  heather.calabro@ops.org
   Ashlee Cook 2nd  ashlee.cook@ops.org
   Joanna Scheideler 2nd  joanna.scheidelar@ops.org
   Katie Bahnsen 2nd  katie.bahnsen@ops.org
   Dan Nowak 2nd  dan.nowak@ops.org
   Karen Ashby 3rd  karen.ashby@ops.org
   Karla Schorle
3rd  karla.schorle@ops.org
   Jessica Kipple 3rd  lessica.teeple@ops.org
   Peggy Young 3rd  peggy.young@ops.org
   Susan Boyce 4th  susan.boyce@ops.org
    Shawnda Eggertsen 4th  shawnda.eggertsen@ops.org
    Deb Cline 4th  deb.cline@ops.org
   Amy Perigo 4th  amy.perigo@ops.org
   Nicole Charland
5th  nicole.charland@ops.org
   Tracy Matz 5th  tracy.matz@ops.org
   Kesha King 6th  kesha.king@ops.org
   Larry Chandler 6th  Larry.chandler@ops.org
   Kelly Wales 6th  kelly.wales@ops.org
   Jennifer Langdon
6th  Jennifer.langdon@ops.org
   Leslie Baxter BSP  leslie.baxter@ops.org
   Rachel Beveridge BSP  rachel.beveridge@ops.org
   Katie Baumker
   Michele Corrado
 SPED  michele.corrado@ops.org
   Jessica Houske
           SPED  jessica.houske@ops.org
   Karri Doval

More Certified Teachers

Teacher's Name Area of Specialty Email Address
   Tammy Freeburg PE  tammy.freeburg@ops.org
   Molly Gurnicz   Art  molly.gurnicz@ops.org
   Charlene Brown   Music  Charlene.brown@ops.org
   Erin Mulm Guidance  Erin.Malm@ops.org
   Charity Walker Technology    Charity.Walker-Rodenbarge@ops.org 
   Katy Baumker Primary Special Education  Kathleen.baumker@ops.org
   Jessica Schroer Intermediate Special Education   Jessica.schroer@ops.org
   Michele Corrado

Intermediate  Special Education

   Nancy Kirk Speech & Language  Nancy.kirk@ops.org
   ELL (English Language Learners)  
 Meagan Tripp  ELL (English Language Learners)  
   Marie Spomer Gifted & Taleted   Marie.spomer@ops.org
   Sandra Robare Instructional Facilitator  Sandra.robare@ops.org
  Teresa Hamilton  Guidance  teresa.hamilton@ops.org