3rd Grade Science

In 3rd grade, we work with four main themes: Inquiry, Earth Science, Physical Science, and Life Science.


   Inquiry involves asking questions, forming a hypothesis, testing/experimenting, getting results, and drawing conclusions from those results.  This unit will be done throughout the school year.

Earth Science

   In Earth Science, we will look at the layers on the Earth.  We will study how the Earth changes through processes such as erosion, plate tectonics, and human involvement.  The students also enjoy learning about volcanoes.  Each year, we set up a volcanic eruption demonstration.

Physical Science

  In Physical Science, we focus on the states of matter.  Students will identify whether objects are solid, liquid, or gas.  We will also study light and sound.  We will look at how light and sound works, travels, and affect our lives.

Life Science

  In Life Science, we focus mostly on the life cycles of plants and animals.  We will learn the different stages of plant growth and the parts of a plant.  We will also get a class pet during this unit.  We will observe the life cycle stages of our class pet.



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