3rd Grade Mathematics

This school year, we will be working on math skills in the following areas: Number Sense, Computation, Data Analysis, and Geometry/Measurement.

Number Sense:

  • Reading whole numbers through the hundred thousands
  • Rounding/estimation
  • Comparing whole numbers (greater than, less than, greatest to least, least to greatest)
  • Fractions


  • Addition (simple, regrouping, adding numbers through the thousands)
  • Subtraction (simple, regrouping, subtracting numbers through the thousands)
  • Multiplication and Division

Data Analysis:

  • Reading bar graphs, pictographs, tally charts, and tables
  • Creating bar graphs, pictographs, tally charts, and tables


  • Plane figures
  • Patterns
  • Time
  • Money
  • Customary Measurements

We will be taking timed tests every week.  Depending on how time works out, we might do between 1 and 3 timed tests a week.

1st Quarter - Addition timed tests

2nd Quarter - Subtraction timed tests

3rd Quarter - Multiplication timed tests

4th Quarter - Multiplication and division (if ready) timed tests.

Suggestions on how to help your child:

1.  Practice flashcards with your child every night.  Use the schedule for timed tests to decide which flashcards to focus on more each quarter.

2.  When your child is finished with their homework, go over it with them and talk about how they solved the problems.

3.  Encourage your child to use math daily.

4. If you are able to, allow your student to play Prodigy (https://www.prodigygame.com/Play/) at home.  This website helps students practice math concepts they have already learned and more they will learn this year.

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